Saturday, May 16, 2009


These are the picures that Glen comission Rod to do for his fire crew.
Rods inked one.

And the colored version. Colored by me.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Remembrance of our Grandma Mary

Saturday the 25th we lost our sweet grandma Mary to cancer, she was 84. She lived a long and happy life. She will be missed. It makes me so glad I threw caution to the wind and went with mom and my sisters to see her at the first of April.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

San Francisco

This is the view of the bay off the street by Ghirardelli square.
Beautiful isn't it.

The fountain in Ghirardelli square. Two mermaids, one with a baby mermaid.

The frogs of Ghirardelli square.

Time to stop and relax for a few. It was such nice weather.

Nora being cute.

Mari & Tacey posing with the mermaids.

Jayden this one is for you.
Waiting in line for the cable car.
In the cable car.

Diantha and Emiko & Nora.

This is the hill we rode down on the cablecar. The brakes started smoking.

This is the view from the top of the hills that Mari, Tacey & I walked up. We started down by where the trees are at the very bottom.
View of Alcatraz from the window at Bubba Gumps.

Mari and I @ Bubba Gumps.


Big Boat, Little Boat.

The Sea Lions.

Sour dough Gators on Fishermans Wharf.

Tacey going GRRRR!

Leaving San Fran. The Golden Gate Bridge.

Going across the Golden Gate.

The other side of the Gate.

From here we headed home. Through a tunnel that had a RAINBOW painted on the arch as you went in . We spent the night in Reno and then got up and drove to Salt Lake to drop Diantha & Nora, Mari and Tacey off then headed home. We got to Emikos about 8:00 and I got home around 9:00.
THANKS to all my sisters and my mom for taking me on this trip, it will be something I will treasure for always.

Winchester Mystery Mansion

As you all know from Tacey and Mari we went to the Winchester Mystery Mansion on Sunday. Here are some pictures that I took.
Mom taking a picture of us girls.
Pedigree chart.

The Carriage.

Stairs that lead to nowhere

The window with the 13 things .

Some of the may windows they had in a room just propped up.

Mari posing in front of the doors that they brought the horses in.

Tacey in one of the doorways. Rod would have had to totally bend over just to get through the door and up the stairs.

Mari and Emiko. Which is one of the rare pics of Em that I got.

The size of the stairs.

Window at bottom of stairs that looked into a dark room.

Norah and Mari.

The sewing room.

Looking down into the kitchen sink.

The totally awesome bed. I so want it, even if Sarah W. did passaway in it.

The plant room floor where the wood floor comes up in sections when they wanted to water the plants.

My sisters in the plant room.

One of the many sinks in the mansion. I liked this one best, its just beautiful.

The thirteen holes in this sink.

Gas fireplace.

An armoir.

Some of the oriental style furniture.

I have no idea what this is supposed to be. But I thought it quite interesting,

This is the room where my camera batteries died. Which is in the room Sarah Winchester got locked in during the 1906 earthquake. Thus the end of my pics in this house.

Our Trip To California

Mom , Emiko, Diantha, Tacey, Mari and Nora at a Mom & Pops type restaurant called Nicks.
The food wasn't to bad, but do not & I mean do not try the spagetti, it was not very good. Every thing else that we ordered was pretty good.

This is Christy our cousin . Also we have Nora and her bandage. Tacey has a friend from her volleyball team that moved to Cali that we met Saturday night at a Icecream shop called Fentons. It had the and I mean the best carmel topping. It makes me wish that we had a Fentons around here.
Diantha & Norah

Tacey, Mari and Shannon

My sisters with Shannon and her hubby Ryan.

Norah was so worn out from her ordeal that day.

Thank you Shannon for having us all for Icecream.